Filiz Eda Burhan, Professor of Art History and Fine Arts
Dear Members of the AUP Community,

It is with enormous sadness that I write to let you know that Professor Filiz Burhan passed away yesterday, shortly after having been diagnosed with cancer.  Friends, family, and members of the department were able to be close to her this past week while she was in the hospital.

Filiz was an exceptional teacher and colleague.  As one student puts it:  "There are no words to describe Professor Burhan's style.  She says the most profound things that leave your jaw hanging."   Others call her, repeatedly:  "Brilliant."  One captures Filiz perfectly:  "Incredibly knowledgeable and gloriously articulate."

I also wish to share with you this memorial written by Professor Christine Baltay, Chair of the Art History Department, close colleague and friend of Filiz for 27 years:
"Professor Filiz Burhan was a member of the Department of Art History and Fine Arts at AUP since 1984.  As an undergraduate at Bryn Mawr she toyed with becoming a historian of medieval art. She received her Ph.D from Princeton for a brilliant dissertation on the roots of modernism and Gauguin which has been cited with high praise by scholars everywhere.  Before coming to AUP she lived in Africa with her French husband and taught for several years at the Architecture School in Dakar where she also worked for NASA.  At AUP she was a brilliant and challenging teacher.  Respected by students she influenced and broadened their intellectual horizons.  Some among them made their career choice after having taken her courses.  She was demanding of herself and a staunch supporter of academic excellence and integrity.  Her colleagues too will remember her for her sharp intellect and her dry sense of humor as well as for her courage.  There was little that she did not know, even less of which she was unaware.  Although not well, she struggled valiantly though this past semester.  Now, she is gone.  We all regret her passing and will miss her.  Please join me in a fond farewell and sustained memory of an exceptional individual."

Filiz's brother is on his way to Paris.  As soon as we have information about the funeral and memorial service, we will communicate that information to members of the community.

Yours sincerely,

Celeste Schenck

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