We’d like to give you three more reasons to contribute to the AUP Annual Fund this year:

 1. Marion

   2. Mira

   3. Mona

Marion Tricoire, BA '11
  Mira Barnum, BA '13
  Mona Reiserer, BA '12
Marion was born in a small French town called La Roche sur Yon, France.  During her senior year of high school, she participated in a two-week exchange program in Berkeley, California, where she began putting her knowledge of the English language, which she had studied at school, into practice.  She enjoyed her experience in California so much that she went back last summer and is planning a trip to go there again next year.

Marion was drawn to AUP because she wanted to remain in France, study primarily in English, and earn an internationally recognized degree.  She will be able to complete her BA in Comparative Literature in two years and, depending on whether she is able to earn another scholarship, would then like to enroll in AUP's MA in Cultural Translation program.  Marion hopes that AUP will be her bridge to studying or working in the United States.
  After graduating from Portsmouth High School in Rhode Island, USA, Mira worked for a year and saved enough money to travel to Zanzibar with an NGO called Participate Now.  She eventually became an associate for the NGO, helping them organize entrepreneurial and agricultural projects.  She also made a short film about a unique dance form called "Maulidi" which the NGO used as an educational tool to try to preserve a dying part of the local culture.  In addition to working for Participate Now, Mira learned Swahili, tutored children in English and Math, and helped local women artists sell their paintings in order to make a living.

After her one and a half years in Zanzibar, Mira decided to leave Africa and continue her education at AUP.  She was interested in AUP because she wanted "to learn about European life and gain a broader view of the world."  Mira plans to double major in Internatioal and Comparative Politics and Film Studies.

  Mona was born in Austria and lived in Vienna until she was six years old.  She spent four years in England studying at the German School of London, then six years in Israel at the American International School, and finished high school in Latvia at the International School.  She speaks German, English, and and is learning French.  Mona recalls her experience at the American International School in Israel as the most important in her life so far.  She got to know people from all over the world and it opened doors to studying in English at other foreign schools.

Mona was drawn to AUP because of its Liberal Arts educational system.  "This system gives me more room to explore and learn more before choosing a major."  Mona wants to take a wide variety of classes, but is already particularly interested in Comparative Literature, Film, and Fine Arts.

Photos by Alice Crosara '09

Did you know?AUP currently provides financial aid to roughly 40% of its student body.  We estimate that 35% of accepted students do not enroll at AUP for lack of financial resources.

Help AUPBy making a gift to the AUP Annual Fund today, you can help us achieve our goal of increasing the number of scholarship students every year and, in the process, make a tremendous difference to the lives of people like Marion, Mira and Mona.

Thank you for helping give the gift of an AUP education.



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