About The Office of Alumni Affairs and Development

The Office of Alumni Affairs and Development is here to serve the global AUP community of alumni and former students.  We also strive to help the University maintain and enhance its mission to provide the finest American undergraduate and graduate programs to students from all national, linguistic and social backgrounds.

Who are we?



Jessica Grandhomme

Manager, Alumni Affairs and Development




Kristina Keenan

Coordinator, Alumni Affairs and Development




Amber Cooper-JOREZ

Coordinator, Alumni Affairs and Development



Our Current Projects


  Reuniting: Through our monthly alumni e-newsletters, targeted communications, social network groups and event organizing, we aim to keep you reunited both virtually and physically throughout the world and crossing class years


  Professional Networking: Along with our Career Counselor Danielle Savage, the Office of Alumni Affairs is very happy to try to help alumni in their job searches, to assist in connecting alumni working in specific fields, and to organize events exactly for this purpose


  Getting Our Facts Right: We strive to provide accurate statistics and information for our records, and for prospective students, by continuously updating our alumni database, making your personal and professional updates to us all the more important


  Ensuring Your Benefits: We are pleased to offer alumni and former students a range of benefits and services and are here to help whenever you need them


  Fundraising for AUP: Our office serves to help the University's mission, program and aims through fundraising to support these objectives, and to help students who merit scholarship and/or are in need of financial aid...learn more

Contact Us

Tel: +33 (0) 1 40 62 05 87

Alumni Affairs & Development

118 rue St. Dominique

75007 Paris



Volunteer Opportunities

  Career Mentoring: Along with the support of the Careers Office, we launched our first Alumni to Student Career Mentoring Program (ASCM) last fall, and have had 40 incredible alumni volunteers serve as professional mentors to students in their undergraduate senior year or final year of their Master’s program.  Learn more and contact us if you are interested in becoming a mentor for our 2011-2012 ASCM program

  Meeting Prospective Students: Working closely with our Admissions Office, we aim to give prospective students the opportunity to meet alumni around the world who would be willing to answer questions about their time at AUP, and assist in recruiting the best students to AUP; if you would like to be considered an 'Alumni Admissions Volunteer' in your area, please let us know....learn more