AUP’s Academic Partnership with 
Eugene Lang College of The New School

Created 2011-04-01


Students at The American University of Paris may now enroll in our new international programs bridging the AUP campus in Paris to the Eugene Lang College campus in Greenwich Village, New York City.  The program’s innovative structure pushes beyond traditional study-abroad programs, connecting the undergraduate experience in Europe and the United States into an integrated learning opportunity.

This unique program is designed to capitalize on the strengths of a liberal arts experience in the heart of two of the world’s most dynamic and beautiful cities, bringing students into contact with faculty in a small classroom setting across the Atlantic and exploring the role these metropolises have played, and continue to play, in the human experience.

Students may enroll in one of the following programs: Global Cities, Global Communications, Culture and Media, and Transnational Literary Studies.  For each program, AUP students will spend three years at AUP and one year at Eugene Lang College, participating in courses and projects between the two campuses and building international learning communities through visiting students and faculty as well as high-definition videoconferencing technology and social media.

This program has been generously supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation as part of their effort to sponsor pioneering educational experiences that will lay the foundation for higher education in the twenty-first century. AUP and its partners at Eugene Lang are proud to receive $650,000 towards this ambitious program for the two campuses which will also be used to support faculty research and the sharing of pedagogical and recruitment resources across the two campuses.

"A chance to experience another campus..."

Mark Hayward, Assistant Professor of Global Communications 

“The partnership with Eugene Lang is a promising development for students at AUP. Traditional Study Abroad programs give students a chance to experience another campus for a short period of time and bring that experience back to their home schools, but this program is about much more. It provides students with a truly global educational experience in which the experience of studying outside of Paris is complemented by a program of study that will help them acquire the skills and knowledge they'll need to flourish in a global context after they graduate.

For faculty and staff, it's an exciting opportunity that will support people across the university as they think about what it means to teach and research in a university in the 21st century.

With regards to the Global Communication, Culture and Media program, Eugene Lang is a great partner. The two departments complement each other well, allowing students from both institutions to benefit from a broader range of courses and areas of faculty expertise.”

"A trans-national education..."

Claudia Roda, Director, Division of Arts and Sciences

“One essential characteristic of the collaboration is that the programs offered within its context implement trans-national education in a completely innovative manner.  For many years universities have aimed at offering global education just by increasing the international student population admitted within the institution, or by allowing their students to spend a semester or two at a university in a different country.  While these experiences did contribute to students' global education, they did so with a degree of impact that varied greatly.


We believe that global education requires a more structured international experience and that this experience must be supported within the curriculum. The structure must provide a reflection about the relationships with international peers, about the experience that one may have when leaving a country to live and learn in another one, about the significance of certain cultural biases, about how global knowledge, practices, and skills relate to local ones. In order to provide this structure, AUP and Lang professors have been working together to include these issues in the curriculum of the international programs at both institutions."

"A perfect match..."

Geoffrey Gilbert, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, English, European and Mediterranean Cultures, and Global Communications

“Ideas root differently in different soils, and words and thoughts move differently through different cities.  Students will find that their movement between Paris and New York will follow the tracks of many mobile traditions – not only the obviously metropolitan currents, like the meetings and crossings in the 20th century of the pioneers of ‘negritude’, the innovators of the Harlem Renaissance, and the surrealists, but also of more fully displaced migrancies, for whom New York and Paris have proved resting place, challenge and resource.


Eugene Lang College of the New School is a perfect match for AUP.  In some ways we are similar - small, urban, teaching-centered, innovative schools in major metropolitan centers.  Our students will understand one another.  There are great new possibilities at Lang for AUP students (as we offer new opportunities for students from New York) – this is a step closer to the center of the US cultural industries, there are a huge range of writing courses available at Lang, and an introduction to a tone of engagement and debate that complements that of AUP."