Letter from
AUP Student Ambassadors

By Maria Hertz '11 and Susanne Spahn '11 / Created 2011-04-01

Maria Hertz
is an International Economics Major
and serves as AUP Student
Ambassadors' President

Susanne Spahn
is a Global Communications Major
and is AUP Student Ambassadors'
Vice President

AUP Student Ambassadors volunteer their time in service to the campus community.  We are a group of dedicated and enthusiastic AUP students who wish to promote the spirit of The American University of Paris.  Be it during a campus tour, an open house, at a university fair or any other official AUP event, we are here to represent AUP in the most positive and genuine light.

Ambassadors are focused on promoting AUP through several different avenues.  We serve as campus tour guides for prospective students and other guests.  Further, we provide assistance to faculty and staff members during special events by welcoming guests to campus.  We are currently working with the Admissions Office to create an interactive online presence of the AUP Ambassadors, with individual profiles of each ambassador, so interested candidates may contact us directly with their questions.  Also, we are putting together a special issue of the student newspaper, The Planet, incorporating current and previous articles about AUP, for prospective students, in order to showcase our university.

Along with our other duties, ambassadors help to facilitate the AUP Shadowing Program.  Prospective students are invited to follow a student ambassador throughout the school day – including attending classes – to provide an actual sense of academic life at AUP.

As a group of AUP students, we would like to contribute to the community that has given us so much.  We, therefore, hope to be of assistance to any department, office, club or group on campus that needs our participation with an event or project.