Graduate Student Council:
Building Unity and Legacy

By Sarah M. Finnigan / Created 2011-04-01

The Master of Arts Degree serves as a bridge between the career of our past to that of our future.  From the moment when we begin our studies, we seek opportunities to connect with potential employers, alumni, and faculty to prepare for internships and jobs after graduation.  Our one-year and two-year programs pass by quickly, and we are soon at the forefront of new careers and opportunities.

The 2010/2011 Graduate Student Council, GSC, has recognized the value of establishing networks of students, alumni, and potential employers.  Using an expansive approach, we looked first to strengthen the student network between AUP Offices and Alumni.  The GSC collaborated efforts with the AUP Alumni, Internship and Career Offices to build upon already established efforts to reconnect the University with AUP alumni.  We hosted our first joint-effort event in November 2010, inviting alumni, students, faculty, and employers to attend the Alumni Networking Reception at the Colombian Consulate of Paris.  The event was well attended and the ambiance was lively and welcoming.  The overall success of the reception built upon university-wide efforts to unify our AUP community and to expand into our larger Parisian community. 

Graduate Student Council

In March of 2011, the GSC and Alumni Office hosted our second joint event of our networking series, the GSC/Alumni Networking Brunch, in conjunction with the International Career Forum. AUP alumni were welcomed back to the Combes building to enjoy a brunch catered by the AMEX, the campus café, and to mingle with soon-to-be alumni and potential interns and colleagues.

This year, the GSC has also collaborated with student representatives at the University of London Institute in Paris (ULIP) and the Sorbonne.  We've jointly hosted two different events that invited students from these neighboring universities to meet.  Already, new connections and future endeavors have sprouted from these first introductions.   


GSC-Alumni Networking Event,
Colombian Consulate, Paris

The graduate programs are young and maturing, but offer the very best foundation for students to learn, critique, and explore.  The graduate students are building upon this positive reputation of our university.  The GSC wishes to honor students who exhibit scholastic achievement, community service, and campus involvement.  We are working with the Student Government Association (SGA) and administration to implement standards to better recognize students and faculty who represent and contribute to the legacy of the graduate programs and to The American University of Paris.  As vice-president of the Graduate Student Council, my hope is for future GSC and university offices to continue to work together to connect our finest resources: our students, our alumni, and our institution.


Sarah M. Finnigan is the Graduate Student Council Vice-President.  She is currently enrolled in the program for Master of Arts in Public Policy and International Affairs and is expected to graduate in 2012.