AUP Sports

By Ashkan Shalbaf / 2011-04-01

Over the past three years, the Sports Programs Office at AUP has established one of the largest and most united communities inside our university.  Today, student-athletes regularly meet to practice for the women’s and men’s Volleyball teams, and men’s Basketball and Soccer teams, in order to represent AUP in the Parisian University League Competition and in international university tournaments.

Impressive performances from our students in League Games can be enjoyed on a weekly basis.  In addition to competitive sports there is also a variety of recreational sports activities offered such as Flag Football, Yoga, Aerobics, Equestrian, Tennis, Running and Self-Defense where students can join in and work out. Students may also take advantage of several outings per year to major sports events in Paris.

Left: Men's Soccer; Right: Men's and Women's Volleyball

Video Clip by Rado Ratchev 

In order to find out about upcoming AUP Sports events, follow the Facebook page “The American University of Paris – Athletics” or MyAUP news section.  The teams would dearly appreciate any support from the Alumni community!

Ashkan Shalbaf
is AUP's Sports Programs Coordinator