AUP Magazine #12



Kristina Keenan

Contributing Editors

Roberta Vellvé
Jessica Grandhomme
Amber Cooper

Contributing Writers

Celeste Schenck
Sean Casey
Ramsey Ben-Achour 
Susan Perry
Stephen Sawyer
Caroline Meyer
Jim Clayson
Ann Mott
Marc Montheard
Danielle Savage


A Word from the President  /  Emma White
Working for an NGO in Haiti   /  Ramsey Ben-Achour and Sean Casey
10 Questions for Peter Barnet  /  Chris Barnet
Eighth Annual President's Conference  /  Francois Jorez
Constructionism 2010  /  Jim and Alison Clayson
Conference for the European Writing Centers Association  /  Dilek Tokay 
Commencement Ceremony  /  Francois Jorez
Global Alumni Weekend  /  Francois Jorez, Romain Tauber and Valerie Lofland
AUP Alumni Have an "Unmistakable Stamp"  /  Nathalie Nomblot, Erika Boehm and Franklin Criag

*We would like to thank all other photographers who we were unable to cite in this issue.



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Jessica Grandhomme
Kristina Keenan
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