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Jessica Grandhomme is the 
Manager of Alumni Affairs and

Kristina Keenan is an Alumni
Affairs and Development

Amber Cooper is an Alumni
Affairs and Development

Created 2010-10-15

The Office of Alumni Affairs and Development is here to serve the global AUP community of alumni and former students.  We also strive to help the University maintain and enhance its mission to provide the finest American undergraduate and graduate programs to students from all national, linguistic and social backgrounds. 

We hope to accomplish this through promoted awareness of AUP’s programs and aims, and fundraising to support these objectives and the University’s global mission to take its place as a renowned global center for innovative, interdisciplinary research.

Our Goals:

To strengthen and support the AUP alumni community by:
   - Providing benefits and services to our alumni and former students
   - Organizing global events and reunions
   - Bringing the AUP community of alumni, faculty, staff, trustees, and prospective students together through volunteering and mentoring

To support the continuing development of the University's academic programs, expand and renew its facilities, and to provide scholarships to students through annual fundraising campaigns.  Outreach to the AUP community is vital to the continuing success of the University and its mission.

The Team:

Jessica Grandhomme

Manager of Alumni Affairs and Development
Jess previously worked in AUP’s Admissions Office as Office Manager, before moving across to the Alumni Affairs and Development office in January 2009 as a co-coordinator.  She took on the role as Manager of Alumni Affairs and Development in October 2009, and supervises all the office’s projects and aims.  Jess is British, born in the British West Indies, and came from the UK to France in 2002 to marry her French husband.  She lives in the 17th arrondissement with their 5-year old son.


Kristina Keenan ‘08

Alumni Affairs and Development Coordinator
After serving in Bosnia with the US military, Kristina finished her undergraduate studies at AUP and graduated with a BA in International Politics in 2008.  She decided to stay in Paris and started working in the Alumni Affairs and Development Office as an assistant in May 2009, being quickly promoted to co-coordinator in October 2009.  Kristina has managed and co-edited this edition of the AUP Magazine.  She also works on all our alumni services, fundraises for her alma mater, and continuously improves services for our fellow on-campus community members.  Kristina lives within spitting distance from AUP, enjoys traveling in Europe and visiting her family throughout the United States.  She recently fulfilled her dream to go skydiving this summer. 


Amber Cooper-Jorez ‘09

Alumni Affairs and Development Coordinator
Wanting to live outside her comfortable US boundaries, Amber moved to Paris from New York and completed a Masters in Global Communications at AUP in 2009.  As it was realized that more resources were needed in order to run an efficient and professional Alumni Affairs and Development Office, and take on more projects for our global AUP community, Amber was persuaded to join the team, bringing with her 7 years of non-profit administrative and fundraising experience.  Amber concentrates mostly on our volunteer programs and alumni events, and works alongside Kristina in training and supervising our student callers.  She also researches alumni and writes up profiles for our monthly ‘Alumni Spotlight’ section on AAO, as well as keeps an eagle eye on any press articles concerning AUP alumni.  Along with Amber, AUP was lucky enough to also gain the talents of her photographer husband, Francois Jorez.  Amber lives in the 11th arrondissement and dreams of one day owning a beautiful brownstone in Brooklyn’s amazing Park Slope area, complete with a working photography studio.


The Alumni Affairs and Development Office also relies on a dedicated group of student assistants, without whom we would not be able to complete many of our projects  These students work with us around their academic studies, and give us the administrative support we so depend on. 

Please feel free to contact us at alumni@aup.fr with your suggestions and queries.  If you are in the Paris area, do drop by!  Our doors are open Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.


Revving up for the
50th Anniversary

Created 2010-10-15


September 2012 will have seen 50 years since the American College in Paris opened its doors to students in the basement of the American Church in Paris in the fall of 1962.  Now called The American University of Paris, with over 900 students from almost 100 nationalities, we all have reason to be proud and to unite in celebration.

Over the course of the 2012-2013 year, we aim to organize activities and events on a global scale.  In order to do this, we need your help, and hope that the AUP community will unite as never before in order to make the 50th anniversary year an unforgettable one—one that will launch AUP into another 50 years that will see the University becoming stronger and more successful that ever before.

• Campus events: The year will be witness to numerous events on campus including academic events, gallery shows and ceremonies to mark the importance of such an anniversary
 Paris events: We will be joining together with the Mairie of Paris and the American Embassy to commemorate AUP’s half-century in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, and local events such as a mini-marathon will bring the local community together
• AUP’s “Around the World Tour”: With your help, we would like to organize events – big or small – in as many cities across the world as possible.  With alumni and friends living across the world, let’s light up the globe together during the year!

If you would like to get involved in our 50th Anniversary planning, please let us know

Volunteer Opportunities

Created 2010-10-15

We currently have two alumni volunteer programs running through the Office of Alumni Affairs and Development:


Alumni-to-Student Career Mentoring Program
With support from the AUP Career Office, the aim of the ACSM program is to give professional support and an exchange of information to our current students who are beginning to consider their professional paths.

We hope to help student mentees prepare to enter into their chosen career and to give ‘insider information’ on their target industries, to allow alumni to share their professional experiences and expertise with current students, and to aid the personal development and network of mentors as well as mentees.

We have received a wonderful response from alumni – over 40 extremely impressive applications—in this, our first ‘trial year’.  This is very much appreciated, and makes this program all the more exciting and professional.

The ASCM program will proceed over this academic year and we hope to report back extremely positively about its success next year.

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Alumni-to-Admissions Program
Working closely with our International Admissions Office in order to recruit the best students to AUP, this program aims to give prospective students the opportunity to meet alumni around the world who are willing to share the ‘AUP experience’, its benefits, and to answer questions about what it is like to be a student at the University.

During the academic year, we follow the recruitment travel movements of our Admissions Counselors and send out targeted communications to alumni noted in our records as living in those areas.  If you receive an email from us, and are available to volunteer, your support and help will always be hugely appreciated. 

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