Raising Funds for AUP

Created 2010-10-15

As an American university, but based in Paris, The American University of Paris receives limited funding.  Tuition only covers a portion of the total cost of an AUP education. The University relies on alumni, parents, and friends to support our hands-on, small-class, pedagogically innovative learning environments. 

Scholarships are at the heart of AUP, and as we aim towards becoming as socio-economically diverse as we are culturally and linguistically, they are integral to providing the financial support needed to our most qualified and deserving students, and in defining the dynamic atmosphere of an AUP classroom. 

Faculty serve as the gateway to academic excellence, and therefore the development of AUP faculty with workshops, seminars, lecture series, course development and travel in order to facilitate exemplary disciplinary advancement is invaluable. 

Advancement through strategic partnerships with US and European academic institutions, hosting world-class conferences and creating top class publications continues to justify AUP’s place as a renowned global center of education.

Buildings are the University’s roots.  Founded nearly 50 years ago in the basement of the American Church in the 7th arrondissement, AUP has grown from an experiment in international higher education into a fully accredited international institution.  AUP is a university in and of the city, with a curriculum, community plan, and campus plan to match.  Ensuring the continued upkeep of our buildings, providing up-to-date facilities for students, faculty and staff alike, and continuing in our expansion, ensures the University’s future. 

Helping raise funds for AUP doesn’t just help the University, but also affects students’ lives and helps form their future.

Contact Advancement at AUP for more information on how you can support the University, or show your support and give today.

Gifts to AUP

Fiscal Year 2009-2010

The American University of Paris gratefully acknowledges the following cumulative contributions from alumni, parents and friends of AUP.  Each of these contributors made generous financial, matching, or in-kind gifts to AUP between 1 August 2009 and 31 July 2010. Thank you.

100 000€ - 500 000€

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

50 000€ - 99 999€

Florence J. Gould Foundation
Corinne Mentzelopoulos, Trustee


25 000€ - 49 999€
Andrew Batinovich '80, Trustee


10 000€ - 24 999€
Richard Asthalter, Trustee
Franklin Craig '81, Trustee
Mel Croner, Trustee Emeritus
Peter de Castro '68, Trustee
Edward Frieman, Trustee
Raymond F. Henze, Trustee
Judith Hermanson Ogilvie '65, Chair, Board of Trustees
Howard Leach, Trustee
Pamela Newman, Former Trustee
Leon M. Selig, Former Trustee

5 000€ - 9 999€

American Embassy in Paris
Philippe Dennery, Trustee
Robert C. Elliot, Trustee
Lee W. Heubner, Trustee
David T. McGovern, Trustee
Malinda Mitchell '64, Trustee
Benoit Verbrugghe, Friend of AUP

2 500€ - 4 999€

Charles Delmar Foundation
Grenville Craig, Friend of AUP
Rita Fredericks Salzman, Trustee
Gretchen M. Handwerger, Trustee
Nancy Lassalle, Friend of AUP
Pierre Sauvagnat '83, Trustee
Lizbeth Schiff '66, Trustee Emerita
Daniel J. Socolow, Former President
Susan Tolson, Trustee
R. T. Vanderbilt Trust

1 000€ to 2 499€

Arent Charitable Foundation
Sean T. Casey '04
Gil Donaldson, Former Trustee
Christoph Endros '82
Marc Groothaert '68
Michèle Hensley, Parent
Dena S. Kaye, Friend of AUP
Landon H. Landon, Friend of AUP
Eugene Lang, Honorary Degree Recipient
Jacques Maisonrouge, Friend of AUP
Zakiya Powell, Friend of AUP
Christian Reddon, Friend of AUP
Benjamin Rowbotham '00
Jacques Setton '66, Trustee Emeritus
Daniel Thierry, Parent
Miriam Twaalfhoven '81



500€ - 999€

Kostia Belkin '86
Julian Bivins '80
Elliott E. Burdette '70
Edit Dugoujon, Friend of AUP
Andrew Huvos, Parent
Patricia Lemoine, Parent
George T. Lowy, Friend of AUP
Yves Mahe, Parent
Michael Miller '95
Chuck Muckenfuss, Friend of AUP
Alice Mullins, Friend of AUP
Axel Rohm, Former Trustee
Josef Ruth '65
Gyneth Schenck, Friend of AUP
Stephen K. Scher, Friend of AUP
Eric Schwartz, Friend of AUP

250€ - 499€

Martin Avidan '80
Tzu Chen Chen '92
Havilah M. Clarke '03
Carol J. Dabbs '68
Olivia de Havilland, Honorary Degree Recipient
Robert Fitzpatrick, Parent
Paul Godt, Faculty Emeritus
Jean-Pierre Heuel, Friend of AUP
Thomas Horgan '79
Susie Hollands, Friend of AUP
Hanna B. Karwinski '05
Russel Kelley, Friend of AUP
Locarchives, Sponsor
Valerie Lofland '70
Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.
Cynthia Mitchell, Friend of AUP
Ann L. Reed '80
Daniel Rose '00
Douglas Sonntag '74
Lorraine van Nes '74
Tara Whitbeck '81


UP TO 250
Raul Hernandez (AMEX), Sponsor
Velda Ambrose '00
Christopher Amell '03
Bernt Antonsen '83
Jeffrey A. Ascherman '83
Brian Atchinson '73
George C. Aucoin '80
Andrew Bates '69
James Bednar '74
Hazel M. Buys '67
Thomas P. Calus '02
Kathleen Chanliau-Finnerty '80
Katherine Chapa '05
George B. Collins, Parent
James G. Cooney '75
Amber Cooper-Jorez '09, AUP Staff
Dianne Couailhac '79
Barbara Cox '84
Roger Cruise, Friend of AUP
Kathleen Daly '80
Elizabeth Dudley '66



Christophe Durand-Ruel '81
Florence Eid '86, Trustee
Sharon Faccinto '87
Camilla Field '94
Renee Flade Satterfield '80
Christopher Frechette '85
Suzanne Garzon '68
Douglas Giese '80
Jessica Grandhomme, AUP Staff
Diane Hamilton, AUP Faculty
Valerie Henderson '73
Ann Herndon '85
Susan Hunter Schultz, Parent
Carine Husni '87
Cedric Huwe '00
Adrian Ionascu, Parent
Jane C. Joost '71
Elizabeth Karcher '84
Robert M. Kaye, Friend of AUP
Kristina Keenan '08, AUP Staff
Joanne Kelly-Couderc '90
Ryoko Kobayashi '77
Joseph B. Leader, Friend of AUP
Kenneth Leonard '77
Jill Royce Loomis '82
Thomas E. Lowther, Parent
Clifford R. Mahler '64
Myriam Malak, AUP Landlord
Walter Lee Maloy '64
David Marston, Parent
Cynthia McGowan '83
Scott P. Meehl '80
John T. Meyers '86, Former Trustee
Charles A. Miller '82
Barbara Mobley '81
Caroline (Chloe) Monzani '81
Katherine P. O'Hale '09
Tracy Parkinson '94
Daniel Perri '72
Robin Poupelle '08
Liam Purdon '70
Joseph A. Race '73
John C. Racy, Parent
Douglass A. Raff, Parent
Suzanne Roche Bonomi, AUP Landlord
Laurel J. Rose, Friend of AUP
Elisabeth Russell '80
Jill Sargent '67
Carla Schamet '86
Richard Scott, Faculty Emeritus
Hong-Tsun Simon '88
Robert C. Sloan, Parent
Arne Sondhi '83
Carole Stein '78
Donna R. Tambornino '64
Louise Tietjen, Parent
Marie-Laure Valleron, AUP Staff
Roberta Vellve, AUP Staff
Natalija Vysniauskaite '98
Mary Rebecca R. Weary '68
Toby Zorthian '73