10 Questions
for Christine Tomasek

Created 2010-10-15

Childhood home?

Twinsburg, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland).  Twinsburg proudly houses the biggest Twins festival (first week of August) in the United States.  It even (amazingly) makes the news in France (for a couple of seconds at least).

Favorite place in the world?

If you mean geographically, it would be hanging out with my family over the summer back in Ohio.  If we can speak of ‘place’ in more generalized terms, I love quiet places where I feel relaxed – like the shower.

Current bed-time reading?

Detective fiction.

If you unexpectedly had an afternoon off, how would you spend it?

Honestly, I would go home, relax and then go pick my daughter up from school early and spend the afternoon together.

Favorite place to lunch in Paris?

Jardin du Luxembourg, picnicking with sandwiches from a nearby bakery – inspired from student days, but the sandwiches have never been as good as back then.

When out-of-town friends come to visit, what do you make sure they do?

We always have a tendency to wear out our guests.  We pull together a walkabout itinerary but always end up overdoing it completely.

Where do you do your best thinking?

You will certainly laugh, but I definitely do my best thinking in the shower!  Either there or when I’m zoned out listening to music in the metro.  I suppose there is a certain isolation relative to both situations that works for me.

An important mentor in your life?

My dad has taught me a quite a lot about who I do and don’t want to be, how to maintain control over situations and get things done.

At age 12 what did you want to be when you grew up?

I was convinced that I wanted to be a doctor.  Clearly, I changed my mind!

What have you learned since working at AUP?

I have developed an incredible amount of self discipline and organization that I never seemed to have as a student or through previous employment.  I really am only disciplined or organized at work – I am a completely different person at home!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to work at AUP.

I’m American and have been living in France now for the past 12 years.  I am the oldest daughter of a big family from a small city in Ohio.  My undergraduate studies were at Baldwin-Wallace College and my graduate work at Bowling Green State University (both in Ohio).  My undergraduate career was focused on ‘Education’ as I studied to be a teacher.  I was certified to teach K-12 but opted to go on to do a Master’s degree before teaching.  The first year of my MA program was in France – how I met my husband.  Back in the day, I never would have imagined myself outside of a classroom nor would I ever have imagined living in France.   It is amazing how things just seem to happen.  I must say that working in an administrative office like the Registrar’s definitely has its challenges but is also quite enriching in a ‘special’ sort of way.  I can only hope that I make a positive impact on the people I work with and the students I encounter.

Christine Tomasek is AUP’s Registrar.