A Message from Marie DeLamater to the ACP early classes in honor of the 50th ACP/AUP Reunion in Washington D.C.


Dear Alumni,

How I wish I could join you all for the 50th reunion! Having enthusiastically followed email correspondence between you, as you prepare for AUP's anniversary, I am most impressed with how well-organized you are.

I regret very much not being with you. Unfortunately I am too far away to travel to Washington, D.C., as I live presently in Ashland, Oregon, with my eldest daughter, Anne, herself, a 1968-70 alumna.

I often think with great fondness of all of you, students of early ACP years, when the founding and pioneer years were indeed very exciting! I remember housing so many of you, as I had to find novel ways of securing lodging among French families,or as we skied down the slopes in the French Alps, or went on cultural trips in France or distant countries. In a sense, I felt you were my children. It seems a little far-fetched to think of you still as my children, now that you, yourselves, might be grand-parents; yet, the warm, protective feeling of a parent, though more dreamy and abstract, remains within me. Lloyd felt the same way about you.

I wish you a fruitful and joyous reunion and send you my warmest greetings from Oregon, as I think of you together during the few days you will enjoy seeing each other again.

My very best wishes!


Marie L. DeLamater

P.S. Below are some photographs of how I have somehow transformed myself over the years, and as I just turned 89 years old. Incidentally, is any of you living near Ashland, Oregon (where repertory theatre for the Ashland Shakespeare Festival takes place from February to November each year: www.osfashland.org)? I have been blessed with good health up to now. I wish you all good health and happiness!

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Lao Tsu


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