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AUP’s mission is to educate our graduates to communicate well in a world of many languages, to think critically about history, culture, the arts science, politics, business, communication, and society, to develop creative interdisciplinary approaches to important contemporary challenges, to be both technologically and culturally literate in a world of swift-paced change, to understand the ethical imperatives of living in such a world, and to take their places as responsible actors in communities, civil societies, and countries around the globe.

AUP is dedicated to providing one of the best international educational settings for its students – helping them learn, develop and achieve their potential by giving them the best possible start to their professional lives. It is with this in mind that the Office of Alumni Affairs, along with the Office of Career Development, is working together to build our Career Mentoring Program.

The objective of the Career Mentoring Program is to provide students with practical information, to assist them in building their professional network, and to guide them as they prepare for their futures.

Why participate in the AUP Alumni Mentoring Program

By participating in the AUP Alumni Mentoring Program, you have a unique opportunity to receive help, inspiration, and motivation for achieving your personal and professional objectives.

How do I benefit as an AUP Mentee

As a participant in the program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Build a professional network
  • Develop your communication skills
  • Connect your current academic work to your future career
  • Explore new ideas and areas of interest
  • Gain exposure to career options, advice and insider tips

What is expected from me as a mentee

  • Make the first contact with your selected mentor
  • Respond to all communications
  • Set specific goals for the mentoring relationship with your mentor
  • Agree and commit to expectations and goals set with your mentor
  • Spend at least two hours per month building the mentoring relationship
  • Approach the mentoring relationship with an open mind, professionalism and respect
  • Be open for suggestions and feedback
  • Do not expect your mentor to offer you a job or an internship
  • Communicate difficulties with your mentoring relationship to the Alumni Affairs Office at

The Matching Process

Before the mandatory orientation session, you are provided profiles of the mentor candidates for this year's program in order to identify your top 3 choices. In the week following, we match you with a mentor incorporating our best efforts to satisfy one of your top choices. We inform you, via email, of your assigned match along with her/his contact information. We request that you - the mentee - make initial contact with your mentor in the next few days proceeding.

Initial Contact with your Mentor

You are expected to make the initial contact with your mentor within the next few days following the match. We encourage you to send an introductory email to your mentor along with your resume in order to provide them greater background information on yourself.

Suggestions for the first conversation

You will make first contact through email after which another mode of communication can be used - phone, Skype, FaceTime or in-person. In considering how to approach that initial introduction, you are welcome to review the following tips:

  • Tell your mentor that you are excited about being his/her mentee. Sharing your enthusiasm will help reassure them that you are committed to making the relationship succeed
  • Build a rapport (for yourself) with your mentor by asking questions about his/her educational and professional background and experiences. Remember, you have AUP in common and that is a great place to start!
  • At the beginning of the relationship, it is important to talk about expectations and goals for the mentoring experience. Make sure you start this dialogue from the first conversation.

Office of Alumni Affairs & Career Development

Our roles and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Host a mandatory introduction session with prospective mentees to discuss interests, questions, rules and the structure of the program/relationships
  • Select mentee participants
  • Match a mentor with a mentee
  • Set up initial introductory contact with mentees and mentors via email
  • Suggest local professional events and activities for fellow mentors and mentees to meet and interact if possible
  • Organize and distribute the Annual Evaluation at the end of the program
  • Offer continuous guidance and resources to both mentors and mentees, working alongside the AUP Careers Office, for the duration of the mentor/mentee relationship

We thank you for your interest and participation in the program. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email the Alumni Affairs team at with further inquiries.

Career Mentoring

Questions regarding the Career Mentoring Program may be addressed to Alumni Affairs at

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