Le Weekend - 2014 ACP/AUP 50th Anniverary Reunion in Washington, DC

A little something for everyone – come join us and bring your photos and memories of Paris.

Organized by co-partners Maryland "Mimi" White Swensen '63, and Charles "Chuck" A. Ralston '63

Alumni and friends currently attending:

Karen Lancaster and Alex Wellford
Thomas (Tom) and Dina Malone
Robin Nettles Black
Grant Plemons
Jeffrey (Jeff) and Mary Durgee
Marian Henderson Davis and, granddaughter, Rhiannon (Rhia) Jones
Lee Malloy
Edward (Ed) Plaisance
Lili Wilson and George Hishmeh
Robert (Rob) Briefel
Gabriella (Gaby) Biello Coroneos
Jonathan (Jon) Goell
Eleanor (Lannie) Cannon, and John  Spoor
Susan (Sue) Waters Herbers
Malinda Might Mitchell
John (JB) and  Laurie Hinners
Charles A.(Chuck) Ralston
Catherine (Cathy) A. Rodgers
Monteser (Tessa) Wardle Kohn and Peter Langley
Marylou Goshie and Miguel Saab
Maryland (Mimi) White Swensen and Lid Sodbinow
Jannettja Longyear
Donna Tambornino
Carmen Blankenship
James (Jim) and Betsy Overton
Kristina Ver Foley, AUP Director of University Outreach and Advancement
Joe Ruth, AUP Board of Trustees/Board Secretary
Jacqueline (Jackie Huet) Bridges '63 - '65
Pamela (Pam) Sheridan and, friend, Balazs
Dennis (Denny) J. Healey


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